Are you an author seeking for a book review?

Let me formally introduce myself. My name is Sky, and when I am not stuffing my nose in a book, I am most likely painting, sketching, singing, chatting with friends, spending time with my man, or playing an MMO. Hence, where Solai comes from. Close to the French meaning of Sun. (Sunny Sky, awesome, yeah? =oD ) I am a nerd in all directions!

But, if you couldn’t tell, my most favorite pastime is to read. I have helped several authors with book reviews posting where they request. So far, I have mostly posted reviews on and for I am even willing to post them here.

I am open for most editions, such as Kindle and by physical copy. Contact information for the stated options, will be given per request.
I work a lot of overtime sporadically, but easily make the time to read on my personal time at home and at work. I am a quick and fully engaged reader, and will give an honest review. I tend to keep my reviews fair yet positive.
Don’t be shy! I read all genres; I am most definitely not a picky reader. So if you are interested in having me review a book for you, or looking to produce giveaways, please contact me at

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