Dreamfever #4 Fever Book- Karen Marie Moning

Ah, yes. Will I ever be able to read another book from another author ever again?

Ah, yes. Will I ever be able to read another book from another author ever again?

It’s for sure. I am in love with this series! The character development in this series is seamless. The transition we experience with Mac, is beautiful.

We witness Mac as a careless, boy-crazy, materialistic girl, and then suddenly thrown into a world she had no idea existed, beyond paranormal existences after going to Ireland to find answers about her sisters death.  After meeting an enigmatic man named Jericho Barrons, she learns more about who she is and what exactly her sister was looking for, and then is off to hunt a dark and evil book to help restore the walls between our world and the Fae’s coming down. She learns she is the most powerful Sidhe-Seer, and it is up to her to sense the where-abouts of this book and get to it before the evil Lord Master.
It was tough for her to accept her new world at first, everything she never believed in, was actually so very real. Everything pink and girly about Mac, melted away, and a new, dark Mac has emerged. She witnessed death, stolen beauty, learned what vengeance feels like, saw the most evil occurrences that proved to her, that she needs to be a fighter, the world is in trouble, and she plays the biggest part and must do what she must to save the human life. She finds her self in so much trouble on this adventure, so many thrills, and now a cliff hanger! This is the best I can do without spoiling anything! I wish everybody would read this series!

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