Iced – Karen Marie Moning

Another Karaen Marie Moning masterpiece

Another Karaen Marie Moning masterpiece

How awesome is this cover? The day the book was released, I drove like a mad-woman to the bookstore to get my lil hands on this highly anticipated book. It was so SHINNEYYYY!! Like a little sparkling beacon amoung a mountain of books.

Before I start, I want to ensure you I will not be exposing too many spoilers. There really isn’t too much to spoil from the majority of the book, besides the last few chapters, but I have a friend that will be reading it shortly and for those of you who have already read it, know just how awesomely it ended. (As a fan of a certain character) Probably the biggest spoiler to be spoiled if you got what was being hinted!

And by request of KMM to her fans, she asked that we spread the word of this novel NOT being YOUNG ADULT! There were many fans expressing a concern of Dani still underage and involved doing the “dirty” Yes, Dani is underage, and there are certain scenes where it is displayed by other characters, but Dani herself does not participate in any acts of sex.

Karen Marie Moning never fails us. Wow, just wow.

This story is narrated by Dani “Mega” O’Malley, the gamine, spirited young girl we had the pleasure of meeting in the Fever series (Strongly recommend you to read those before you read this novel) You will also read a few quick chapters that are narrated by Christian the Highlander, and Kat, who is now Grand Mistress at the Abbey.

However much I absolutely adore Dani, her dialogue, took some getting used to. You learn to appreciate it later as her smart side bursts out in such random times.

She is still just as stubborn and pouty as ever, but with KMM’s strong skill at character development, Dani shows signs of becoming a great leader and an amazing young lady. There are mysterious events taking place in Dublin. Scenes of ice sculptures sprouting up and all around Dublin -and later to be found out, around the world- little by little. Ryodan’s sub clubs and warehouses for one have been iced a few times, causing him to be confused and frustrated. He seeks to find someone who is as fast as him so as they can get through the scenes without freezing to death, and help him search for clues that will help him solve who or what is creating this mess, and how it can be stopped. Dani is his answer. After some time of hunting her down, and finally catching her, she is tricked into signing a contract to be his “employee”.

I don’t want to give out too much about how things come together, but do expect love triangles, super-strengthen-teenage hormones from hell, and comically wonderful character relationships. We are finally introduced to the elusive Dancer. Ryodan and Dani are a perfect match for partners in crime, and their love-hate relationship is almost a reminder of Barrons and Mac, but with extra spice and rivalry. (My personal hope for Ryo and Dani, I hope they don’t become romantic later, I sort of feel that Ryo has taken on Fatherly feelings for this poor gamine knucklehead)

Christian is still in transition of becoming an Unseelie prince and fighting battles within while still maintaining a watch over a certain character, fighting temptations, trying to hold on to the Highlander he used to be. Kat struggles with her new power at the Abbey. All in all, we are witnessing the makings of true Superheroes from the wonderful world of Karen Marie Moning. There is so much depth to each of these characters and signs of growth. I think with time, this series is very promising. Again, there is a lot you will learn in this book, but I am not going to be the one who spills the beans. Have fun reading =)

I am at work right now, but couldn’t wait to type up a review! So expect for some things to be added/changed later!
And don’t call me delusional for enjoying the ending, it may have been predictable, but it is what I had hoped for and I am glad it was answered!

2 thoughts on “Iced – Karen Marie Moning

    • Yay! I do hope you like it. Let me know whenever you get the chance to read it and what your thoughts were on it. I’d love to know! Just keep in mind, this series can get very, very naughty. Far from YA and NA!

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