Fifty Shades of Grey: E.L. James

13609263Very late adding this review here, but felt this was definitely a must for this blog. I have very mixed emotions about this book and had to do a lot of re-thinking before I re-wrote this interview to really sort out what I feel about this book.

 I am a part of a group on Goodreads that E.L. James was actually a part of herself before her novel went viral, and from my understanding, this book began as a blog, a parody of some sort about the hit saga Twilight. I caught the comparisons and humor between the characters right away. This was a brilliant concoction of the ingredients that make life and fiction work together.  BDSM, is a very real thing that we don’t particularly hear of on a daily basis, unless you are one of which ties people up for punishment and love to kiss and tell… My impression of this book was that of a girl who falls foolishly in love with a very rich and controlling man whom she has no earthly idea what she’s getting herself into before these feelings evolve. 

Bella (Twilight’s foolish girl): Falls in love with a  devastatingly, beautiful, rich guy at school but has no earthly idea that he’s indeed a  controlling, dangerous, vaaaaampire. (OOooo)

Ana(50 Shades foolish girl): Falls in love with a  devastatingly, beautiful, rich guy but has no earthly idea that he’s indeed a controlling, dangerous…Sex Maniac. (OOooo)
Then you have the plot where they break up because he’s just too dangerous to be around (Edward/Christian) and the girl can’t make up her mind how she feels being a part of that life(style). And the love triangles such as Jacob/Jose and the  flight back home to see her parents to prove to the girl that the man does care,  etc. etc. the list goes on.

 I know there were mandatory changes made to the story in order for it to be published by the company that picked Ms. James up because of the too similar story plot and characters, but there are a lot of people who want to sit there behind their screens and trash talk this book, sticking their literary noses up in the air as if they were too good to read this. Considering the pre-circumenstances, this book really was not written horribly. I think the problem is they just can’t humor the pretenses of this book. Took me a while to figure out my feelings for it, but I’ve decided that this book had me so curious after so many friends talked me into it, and once I began, I just couldn’t put it down for the life of me. There were times I snuck a read at work and my jaw would hit the floor and I’d be like “She did NOT just do that…” “Omg he did that?” “OW”  “EW” “OMG NO! Get that thing out of there!” “Don’t stick that up ther…oh crap… he did it…”

Let me tell ya, it has been so many years since a book had ever gotten that much of a reaction out of me.  Before this novel, I was a BSDM-Romance-Novel-Virgin… so that could be part of the reasoning behind my stunned mind. But all in all, what makes an author so brilliant, is being able to produce a story that rises a reaction from its reader. Whether the reactions are physical, positive, or causes arguments. I am starting to believe that the people who gave this book such a bad rep for its grammar usage, or what ever else they dug deep to find, were just looking for an excuse NOT to like this book because it became so mainstream and a big hit. I am often one of those people who refuse to join in on any type of fad, but I am also one of which has a curious mind, that if left unattended,  eventually goes stir-crazy. Me reading this book was the type of curiosity that could be compared to your sisters well hidden diary. I shouldn’t read it, but the gossip just sounds waaaay too appealing. I read it. I was disgusted, I laughed. My eye brows went so far up as my eyes widened, they just about flung right off my forehead at times. I was distubed many, many times… But what good is a book that doesnt stirr up some sort of feeling as you read? I have finally decided my answer. Yes. I did enjoy this book. And I think people should loosen up a little. Reading is a hobby, have fun with it. (No offense)

My Christian and Ana

What are your thoughts on the series?

Update! I finally bought/found the 2nd book in this series. About to dive into it. =)

7 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grey: E.L. James

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    • Normally I picture a character as the author describes, but that girl from previous movies/show’s I’ve seen her in, kept coming up when reading those scenes, she’d be so perfect, him too!

    • hahah It’s quite entertaining! I could not decide how I felt about this book- especially with the level of hype that came with it- but, the more I thought about it, the more clever I began to realize she was with this story. She achieved what every author wishes to accomplish, get a reaction from her readers! There are grammatical errors, but I didn’t let it ruin it for me, too much. (Christian is kind of an a*hole, but he get’s better)
      I do hope you enjoy it, and don’t be shy to share your thoughts when you finish!

  2. As an author of character-driven romances myself, I thought the characterization in this book was very good, though the plot was a little lacking and there were a lot of redundancies in the writing. But overall, I enjoyed the read. She was able to make Christian likeable which would be a challenge for any author. She set up a little intrigue that might drive people to want to continue the series. A reader can’t help but wonder what happened that made Christian become a practitioner of BDSM. My sense is that it’s something more than being introduced to it as a teenager. My sense is that is went back farther in his life than that. ….. I haven’t read the Twilight series, so I didn’t know about the Twilight parallels.

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