Success! Or something like that.

Join our Hangout!

Join our Hangout!

Hey everyone! Well, our Google+ Hangout was somewhat of a success. We had SO much fun, that we actually went on air for 4 hours without realizing. Some of us even made it ot 6 hours, before Google+ locked me out of the Hangout+ after a miss-click. /doh. Goofy-goodness!

I really look forward to doing this weekly with our wonderful Goodreads friends, and if any of you guys wish to join to, just lemme know here! I think up to 9 are allowed in a hangout, so cameras and mics will be limited, but since we will be live on YouTube, there is a chat box there you may interact with, and a chat box on the actual Hangout we can invite you too. (I will post the link later, I have a lot of editing to do since it was our first time, and we got soooo distracted so many times leaving a lot of extra material)

In the future, we plan to discuss more books, our feelings on characters and plots and etc., author interviews, and even skits such as “Book-A-Like Casting” where we interview a person that resembles a character description enough to pass off a fun Q/A live on air for YouTube. When we begin this skit, we will call out on all of our blogs, websites, Facebook, YouTube, anything, and list the description of people we are seeking, and must have read the particular book. To make some nights more fun, we will look for people who have NOT read the book but fit the description, and surprise them with awkward questions. My first skit I’d love to do is a Q/A with Christian Grey. We all know most males have not read this book, so if we get a willing victim, er, I mean…participant, we will ask questions according to the story, such as The Red Room of Pain and contraptions, and anything silly.

I also was approached by an author who made himself available for an interview for the blog! Keep an eye out for more details and a set date!

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