The Host- Stephenie Meyer

Alright, this is not exactly a book review.  I will write one eventually though. Most likely it will end up on a page I am working on for book to movie adaptations comparisons. And I have never been so excited about a book adaptation for the big screen before. This had so much potential for a movie. I am not one to enjoy adaptations generally, because the films, as we all know never ever give the book enough justice. But I am done keeping expectations low while walking into a theater out of curiosity to see how the movie ends up. I am going to start walking in like it’s a whole new story, totally related and enjoy it for what it is. But this, come on man… This already looks like it’s gonna blow me away! I am dancing in my seat as we speak!!! So, don’t forget, March 29th 2013, The Host invades theaters near you! Who’s gonna go watch it with me? =D View the trailer here!

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