Proof of Heaven- Eben Alexander

Being an overly-ambitious person, I’m undeniably attracted to a vast diversity of genres, with biographies, documentaries and etc., being no exception. Living through another person’s story, further educating oneself with the author’s knowledge, is a thrilling exercise to expand your own. Stories such as this remind you why it is so exhilarating to pick up a book and call yourself a bookworm.

Living through someone else’s imagination, or in this case, personal experiences, really kick that brain of yours into gear, leaving yourself asking questions you wouldn’t have asked before, leading you to do research, and in my case… checking WebMD making sure some of my vital signs aren’t abnormal after my new paranoia of Escherichia Coli, thanks to this book…Not that I didn’t already knew the consequences of E.Coli, but now that I’ve learned there are more ways than one to contract the disease, makes my slight case of mysophobia just a tad more on the uneasy side. There were also several times I’d take a sip of coffee mindlessly, and then all of a sudden stumble upon words like “pus” and quickly reconsider swallowing, rendering myself not too thirsty after all…
Alexander keeps the reader’s attention with vivid descriptions while informing us non-medical doctorates, the different mechanics of the body’s natural labors during a variety of medical issues, consequently, educating the average reader on bodily functions we would have never fathomed otherwise.

But then we get to the more sentimental area of this story, the afterlife. I can’t even begin to express how I felt going through his descriptions of this so very real feeling place. It’s quite obvious, hearing his tone and blatant, yet raw emotions of going through this place. And at the risk of sounding corny, I couldn’t help but smile and feel at peace, as if I were there, too, giving me a brighter hope for the future of resting. I want to believe with all my heart that what he went through, is the real deal.

In his best possible way he could express, he colored us a picture so bright, so beautiful, and if you aren’t a believer, will leave you with a new curiosity of the Heavens up. Coming from an experienced neurosurgeon, who tells you there is no possible way that the human brain in his condition could create this ethereal world for itself, because scientifically, in this coma of his, the brain was completely shut down being eaten away by the bacteria- really tends to break through to you. I am actually so astonished by this book, and even though it may not look like it according to this blog review, I am speechless, finding it hard to render words to explain how I felt about this book. All I can really say is that, if you are skeptical about the afterlife (Heaven, God, etc…) This book will shed a new light for you, and maybe you will find yourself bettering your everyday life now that you have something so beautiful to look forward to. The beginning of your real life.

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