Black Fridays – Michael Sears

Received this as an ARC copy, and will most definitely be spreading the word of this book. I gave it a full 5 star rating.

Michael Sears definitely has a remarkable way of creating such likeable, relatable characters. And most surprisingly, this is his debut novel!
It’s a thrilling, intellectual tale of a Wall Street trader by the name of Jason Stafford, who thrives to change his lifestyle after a stint of fraud that ended him up in prison for two years.
He struggles to maintain normalcy and see life for what it is after being released. Not knowing where to go from there, he returns to his ex-wife, and begins to reconnect learn to be a better father for his child son who suffers from autism and fights for custody when he learns she hasn’t exactly been the perfect parent while he was away.
Later, Jason was approached by a couple old friends…a hard decision had to be made, he was offered a high paying job by a company to look plot embezzlement, but here’s the catch… the other was the FBI, and asks him to work as a double agent against the opposing company.
He struggles between the two, will his old habits die hard, or will he do what is best and put these criminals behind bars, and be the hero of the Kid’s eyes, setting a fatherly example.
In my opinion, the Kid is the hero in this book. Jason is enlightened by the joys of being this child’s father, and prospers to be the best example for him, to make his son proud.
Having worked with autism children closely, myself, this book brought tears to me with sadness and happiness, made me laugh, made me gasp, and had me on the edge of my seat not knowing what Jason would do next. The passionate complexity of this story, felt like it was written with all of Michael Sears heart, was just simply moving.
If you enjoy an intelligent crime thriller, with a touch of emotional depth, you’ll easily get lost in this puzzle solving, heart wrenching tale.

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