Short Story Review : Haunting Olivia by Karen Russell

A photograph of a boy's reflection in a pondWhen life gets hectic and there’s little time to sit back and relax for a long read, short stories come in handy. On one of my lunch breaks recently I discovered this gem on The New Yorker (another site that never fails to entertain me).

It doesn’t take so many words for Karen Russell to paint a vivid world, and her short stories feel like so much more. Her storytelling is phenomenal!

In HAUNTING OLIVIA, Two young island boys venture to the shore where their little sister, Olivia, disappeared two years ago, searching for clues where her body might be. They come across these pink goggles which seem to give them insight to another world under water, a view of the dead.
A conversation with the grandmother gives the reader a hint that maybe their family is something more than just human. I don’t think the boys picked up on that hint, though. I don’t even think the grandmother thinks anything of the memory she had. It feels like a secret between the writer and the reader, and I just love the sense of mystery and depth this short story is packing.

Read it here:

I’m now on the hunt for every thing she’s written!


Book Review – Stolen Hearts by Marci Bolden

48632532._SY475_Wow, where do I start with this review? I ate this book up in less than twenty-four hours!

Stolen Hearts is book three in Marci Bolden’s empowering series The Women of Hearts.  The HEARTS Agency is a team of private investigators lead by women who are all fighting for a cause, devoting their lives to bringing justice to all cases brought their way, all while fighting their own demons.

In Stolen Hearts, Alexa Rodriquez is hired by Dean Campbell whose nineteen-year-old sister has gone missing without a trace. Alexa has a soft spot for missing persons’ cases—in fact, they’re what drives her, and what has made her into the woman she is today. She has a big heart, and even bigger determination.

Dean Campbell’s life is falling apart all around him. He lost his mother to cancer and now his baby sister has vanished. The police won’t listen, not even what’s left of his family; they all insist she’s an adult and has simply chosen to escape the pressures of life and college. Dean knows better though, she would have told him if that were true–no one is as close to Mandy as he is. Or so he thought.

There’s a perfect blend of romance, mystery, and suspense in this novel, but most importantly, this book brings light to two important topics that are very real and happening every day in our world: the youth lost to drugs and human trafficking. The more mysteries Alexa unfolds in Mandy’s disappearance, the darker Dean’s world grows, but Alexa is his shining beacon, keeping him afloat on their mission to save his sister.

When Alexa took on Dean’s case, she never fathomed putting her job, or her client, at risk. But when a case hits so close to home that you’re forced to relive your worst fears, and the only person who can relate is the one person you’re under strict policy to not engage any sort of relationship or bond with, more than hearts are jeopardized.

The characters in this book are so full of life and each have their own defining, unique qualities. While this is book three in a series, I didn’t feel lost or felt like I was missing anything crucial, it’s written like a standalone novel brushed with enough backstory to make the previous books’ characters feel warm and welcoming. With that being said, I haven’t read the previous two books yet but that is the next thing I do after this post! I LOVE this series!

Thank you, NetGalley for a copy of this book! Definitely found a new addition to my favorites!

Amazon purchase link: Stolen Hearts

For more purchase links, visit Marci Bolden’s Goodreads page! Marci Bolden – Goodreads

I’m back! (Book Review Blogging)

Hello there!

I’m excited about this post! The last few years I’ve been juggling my own writing and reviewing books on a smaller scale, my art, other factors in my life keeping me constantly on the go. I’ve finally reached a point where everything is more manageable now. Then, a couple nights ago, I was lying in bed reading and scribbling away in my reading journal about a scene that blew me away, and it occurred to me how much I miss sharing my reading experience, and all the ranting and raving that comes with it.

And now, here I am. *waves*

Within the next week, you’ll see more reviews on this page, on my GoodReads (Sky’s GoodReads Profile), on my Facebook Pages The Booknatics and Scribbling Sky, and my Amazon pages, if you’re interested in what stories I will be diving into.

I’m also a proud supporter of writers and want to do everything in my power to help uplift a book, something a writer exhausts so much patience, hard work, and a tide of emotions to complete. With this being said, if you’re in need of a book review, or need a blogger to post and share marketing / promotional material, let me know!

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