I’m back! (Book Review Blogging)

Hello there!

I’m excited about this post! The last few years I’ve been juggling my own writing and reviewing books on a smaller scale, my art, other factors in my life keeping me constantly on the go. I’ve finally reached a point where everything is more manageable now. Then, a couple nights ago, I was lying in bed reading and scribbling away in my reading journal about a scene that blew me away, and it occurred to me how much I miss sharing my reading experience, and all the ranting and raving that comes with it.

And now, here I am. *waves*

Within the next week, you’ll see more reviews on this page, on my GoodReads (Sky’s GoodReads Profile), on my Facebook Pages The Booknatics and Scribbling Sky, and my Amazon pages, if you’re interested in what stories I will be diving into.

I’m also a proud supporter of writers and want to do everything in my power to help uplift a book, something a writer exhausts so much patience, hard work, and a tide of emotions to complete. With this being said, if you’re in need of a book review, or need a blogger to post and share marketing / promotional material, let me know!

Email me (Attn to Sky) at TheBooknatics@Gmail.com with any requests related to books or blogging!

I post the following:
Cover Reveals
Book Tours
Release Blitzs
Marketing Material
and most importantly: Reviews

Fellow bloggers: If you’re looking for a partner and need an extra helping hand to share material and news, or need an extra blogger for Book Tours/Blitzs, also email me at TheBooknatics@Gmail.com

Can’t wait to share my next post! Stay tuned and keep in touch if you have any reading recommendations!




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