New Blog on Google! YAY!

Hello fellow, Bloggers! Thank you for all your support on WordPress over the last few months! As you know a friend and I run a blog together called The Booknatics, and we have officially created a new merged blog on Google!

It would mean the world to me if you follow us there! Things to look forward to are; Give-Aways, News on new releases and movie announcements, fun reviews by the both of us, promotions for authors and other fellow bloggers, Google+ Hangout chats with friends and authors, and make great new friends! The Booknatics isn’t just a place for Krystal and I to do reviews, but for book fanatics every where to make new friends and discuss books. Come join in on the fun, and thank you in advanced! We’ll follow you back if you’d like, just let us know. ūüėČ Hope to see you soon! Here’s our links

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Success! Or something like that.

Join our Hangout!

Join our Hangout!

Hey everyone! Well, our Google+ Hangout was somewhat of a success. We had SO much fun, that we actually went on air for 4 hours without realizing. Some of us even made it ot 6 hours, before Google+ locked me out of the Hangout+ after a miss-click. /doh. Goofy-goodness!

I really look forward to doing this weekly with our wonderful Goodreads friends, and if any of you guys wish to join to, just lemme know here! I think up to 9 are allowed in a hangout, so cameras and mics will be limited, but since we will be live on YouTube, there is a chat box there you may interact with, and a chat box on the actual Hangout we can invite you too. (I will post the link later, I have a lot of editing to do since it was our first time, and we got soooo distracted so many times leaving a lot of extra material)

In the future, we plan to discuss more books, our feelings on characters and plots and etc., author interviews, and even skits such as “Book-A-Like Casting” where we interview a person that resembles a character description enough to pass off a fun Q/A live on air for YouTube. When we begin this skit, we will call out on all of our blogs, websites, Facebook, YouTube, anything, and list the description of people we are seeking, and must have read the particular book. To make some nights more fun, we will look for people who have NOT read the book but fit the description, and surprise them with awkward questions. My first skit I’d love to do is a Q/A with Christian Grey. We all know most males have not read this book, so if we get a willing victim, er, I mean…participant, we will ask questions according to the story, such as The Red Room of Pain and contraptions, and anything silly.

I also was approached by an author who made himself available for an interview for the blog! Keep an eye out for more details and a set date!

Join us for our live Google+ Hangout chat! Read inside for details

Join Krystle and I with some friends for some awesome quality online time!

Join Krystle and I with some friends for some awesome quality online time!

We have finally gathered some of our favorite ladies to talk books! We are going to pop open some bottles of wine, liquor, beer, your liquid weapon of choice, and gush about fictional characters, spectacular novels, and just have a whole lot of fun. We have decided on this Thursday, ( the 28th) Most likely around nighttime. Join our Facebook page to keep an eye out what time we begin, and to be given instructions for an invite. Hope to see you all there!
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Are you an author seeking for a book review?

Let me formally introduce myself. My name is Sky, and when I am not stuffing my nose in a book, I am most likely painting, sketching, singing, chatting with friends, spending time with my man, or playing an MMO. Hence, where Solai comes from. Close to the French meaning of Sun. (Sunny Sky, awesome, yeah? =oD ) I am a nerd in all directions!

But, if you couldn’t tell, my most favorite pastime is to read. I have helped several authors with book reviews posting where they request. So far, I have mostly posted reviews on and for I am even willing to post them here.

I am open for most editions, such as Kindle and by physical copy. Contact information for the stated options, will be given per request.
I work a lot of overtime sporadically, but easily make the time to read on my personal time at home and at work. I am a quick and fully engaged reader, and will give an honest review. I tend to keep my reviews fair yet positive.
Don’t be shy! I read all genres; I am most definitely not a picky reader. So if you are interested in having me review a book for you, or looking to produce giveaways, please contact me at

About Me and TheBooknatics

Hello! And thank you for stopping by. =) I cannot wait to share with you my thoughts on different books I read. My friend and I have an awesome Facebook page where together, we share books from all sorts of genres, and will be soon recording live Hangout sessions to be broadcasted on Youtube. We are always looking for new people to join in on the fun! On these hangouts we will be doing all sorts of activities, such as Book-Alike Casting Call. A gag we will record interview character look-a-likes from different books and fan requested books, as the actual character. I am so ecstatic about this segment!

I also love to browse the Kindle app for free books to keep me engaged with reading as I am waiting for a new book, and love to rate and do reviews for books that don’t seem to have any feedback yet. You¬† won’t believe the gems I find in there for free! Keep an eye over here on my page to see what sort of buried treasure I find =)

On this blog, however, will be my personal thoughts and reviews as I am reading a book. A lot of my stuff you can find on, but I will be sure to post some here and there. Also, if you are an author and looking for people to review your books and spread the word, I am always up for it! I have had several books mailed to me to be reviewed and have found it to be quite a thrilling hobby. Inbox me for my contact information. =)

I can also be reached on the following Sites for anyone interested in joining my friend Krystle and I on our bookly adventures:

Other than that, I am greatly thankful for all those who stick with me as I read =D